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This post is exactly one month dew. :) I had it on written out,however I couldn't post it on my bog because of issues with my laptop.

Its amazing that it is already one year since my last birthday. It was during my internship year as a medical house officer.  I had ordered some cake to do a little something but a beautiful soul decided to add one more to it saying I cannot be giving people small small pieces of cake. (lol)
That year was a very eventful year for me personally. I like to have this thing with God where we get down to have a word or song that marks the year. I stumbled on this song by bethel music- Reckless Love. The lyrics of this song sits so well with me.
I especially like the part that says-
‘…there’s no shadow you won’t light up,
mountain you won’t climb up
 coming after me;
There’s no wall you won’t kick down, lie you won’t tear down ,
coming after me…’

It was more like my anthem song.
The year was full of a whole lot of good and gloom. It was quite a year because it was very eventful. I remember walking down the road one day and saying I’d never have imagined certain things would happen because the song felt so beautiful but my little mind could not comprehend what lied ahead.
In every of the things I encountered this year, the definition of who God is to me is DELIVERER! 

God showed up for me in several ways that the only name that best soothes right now is deliverer.
I have a thing for people. God has made me a people person and so I would rather leave you happy than sad. So most of my struggles were really personal this year. They were inner struggles and because I would hardly have a bad thought about someone, it made things even worse. So basically there were certain decisions I made that brought me in situations I wish I weren’t and that why I was really able to see God as deliverer.

People and their different shades and agendas.
The bible says that God knows the agenda of every heart. Proverbs.21:2 says that he weighs the heart. That was exactly what God did for Me.
There were shadows that were literally light up and lies that were literally turn down.
There were mountains that could only have been God pulling out.
God neither sleeps nor slumbers. He has watched over me for 23 years. He’s Abba,the only Father that neither sleeps nor slumbers.He that keepeth Israel neither sleeps nor slumbers, yes, he that keepeth Grace neither sleeps nor slumbers. And hmm,he He that keepeth you neither sleeps nor slumbers.

The other day I was reflecting on how I was privileged to serve with a group of people while in medical school. I realised it was God preparing me all the while for what He has ahead.  It just happened in medical school where I had to lead a group of people. I still wonder why I was chosen for that till today even though I knew in the centre of it all that it was God. I had no clue what it was to lead. However, the experience turns out to have sharpened my thought process and help me see and view things differently (I am still learning to see right!!). I’ve come to understand that God has His ways of placing us in scenarios where he shapes us for what he has for us in the future.

A whole lot of valleys and mountains but I’m glad that God saw me through every one of them. I can boldly say that from life’s first course till final breath, Jesus commands my destiny. One thing I picked from this year was that GOOD is not always GOD.
I’ve met a lot of amazing people, sat in a lot of amazing places, been happy and been sad, reached for amazing heights. It was during the last year that I finally launched an enterprise. I will do a blog post on what its about, God willing. This for me was a major milestone. I remember asking God to make it possible before the end of 2017, and that was exactly what happened.
And Ah, did I mention, I have a lot of things to work on in my life—lol. I hope for major headways and jaw dropping miracles this year. Amen!!!

With high hopes, I’m excited about the year ahead, because I know God has gone ahead!!!
God bless you for stopping by.

Happy birthday to me!!!

(This is a backdated post. I couldn’t access my laptop to put it up but I'm putting it up all the same!!!)


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