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TWEENTY three (2)

Yipee!!! I thought I should write about my birthday.

So people who I had not communicated with in a while flooded my timeline with birthday wishes and it was very overwhelming. I was especially thrilled by the several words that came as people sent their wishes and prayers that came especially on phone. Most of them words were words I had never heard them say and they were oh very soothing words.

I’d be sincere with you I wish that day never ended. I wish I could just pause time and freeze up in that day. There really no plan to mark it on my path. I was just going to sit gently in my house and do whatever comes up spontaneously and that was exactly what happened on my path.

The height of it was hearing from people I had not heard from in a long time. That was just lite!!
I could literally answer that scripture where GOD SAID- Behold I am doing a new thing, can’t you perceive it?- Oh yes I did; I did perceive new stuff, and I know it was just God doing His thing. I felt so loved and grateful for the blessing of people.

This may seem like a very mundane thing but it lite up my day and made it beautiful. I'm excited about this year. I know things are going to get a whole lot better because that’s what happens when God is at work. I just want you to be encouraged today.

You just may be in bleak period of your life, you just may have hit rock bottom, you just may be moving round the same circles, you just may not be able to see any bit of light in the tunnel but God has His way of doing things in ways you could hardly comprehend.

Blind Bartholomew was born blind. I can’t imagine how many times he prayed to God. He didn’t seem like a blind person who did not want his site. He didn’t seem like a blind person who wanted to remain blind and begging. He was not going to settle for blind at all. He had heard of Jesus but he was not exactly sure when Jesus would come around but Jesus was coming for sure!!!

And yes He did, Jesus showed up and his life never remained the same again. So you have a word from God that you have been holding on to or a project you have been gunning for or you just need some new stuff in your life.

I hope you find comfort in knowing that our heavenly Father shows up just in time. And you just may think He’s a little too late, but ahn..ahan..He's got you!!


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