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Storyteller God

Have you ever wonder why certain things happen? Especially things that are very unexpected –both good and bad.
Some of these things, we don’t even have an explanation for them, we don’t get to understand until they have run their course.
I’ve come to understand that as much as we may not understand everything going on in our lives, there is a writer behind the scripts of our lives who has the pen writing a story.
         Moses in the bible had an interesting childhood. He was born in a period when the king was against firsts born male children. I’m wondering: Why would God even allow an innocent child to be born in this period of time?
 Good for him, he had a good mother who kept him. However, the pressure was high and he had to be let in to the river for fate to determine the next course of his life. Fortunately, he’s picked up by the daughter of the same king who planned to kill him.
It’s interesting that the same house from which his death was planned, his life was preserved. He got to be baby sited by his mum.
He grows up to be trained in the palace. Born a Hebrew, raised an Egyptian. (Hebrew hybrid).
He goes ahead to be the one used to bring victory to God’s people. From the same land where he grew up.
At this point he knew and understood the nitty gritty, pros and cons of the palace- the kingdom of Egypt.
He must have been confused at some point in his childhood about all that was going on. But then God was writing a story.

David in the bible is another bible character whose life amazes me.
The scripts of his life were amazingly filled with series of sorrow and joy
Pages of good and bad, songs of victory and defeat. He literally became a poet for every episode of his life. But there was never any episode that things ended badly. God constantly prepared David for the throne with everything that he allowed David to face.

The script of your lives is in such a way that God knows the end from  the beginning  and as long as he’s the one writing, it will end beautifully.
He wins, we win. 
This is always the end.                  

And as much as there are somethings I do not understand, there are events that have run their course that makes  me stand in awe of God.  I have had a very interesting pattern in my life and I like to see it as unique as it is.
Sometimes it’s clear what is going to happen next, some of the time, it’s unclear. But one thing has stayed constant, God’s beauty for every situation.

Just like the movies we watch, some periods will be  like action movies, some horror, some suspense, but in every movie, the main actor has a beautiful ending.

In the middle of it all, they create platforms upon which our faith can grow.
‘Heb.12:2-…fixing our eyes on Jesus the pioneer and perfecter of faith…(NIV)
‘…. fixing our eyes on Jesus the Author and Finisher of our faith…(KJV)

You just may be in a part of the story where you’re quite uncertain what is happening or what will happen, be assured that the one behind the sheet of your life is a very steady writer and always wins the award for every story He writes(God). Just in case you haven’t placed your life in his hands, you’ll be making the greatest decision doing so.

I’ll appreciate you sharing this piece if it blessed you, and your comments in the comment box below.
Thanks for stopping by.



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