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My Beloved

If you would let me walk through the corners of your heart
 I will take the thorns away with anesthesia enough to take you through
I will shine my light in the path for your eyes to see and your feet to walk
I will wrap you round in the warmth of my embrace
From the cold that gives you frost bite in the feet and a chest pain even on a warm day

I know you let some love in the left you broken
And now it’s difficult to catch the pieces that remain because your strength is gone
I see it all in your eyes,
Even though you try to make it seem like you have it all together

You have been bought with a prize
I took all the brakes in my heart to see you whole
I got striped and left in the cold so you could find warmth in me (would be hid in me and stay warm)
I’m not about to let you go through all that trauma (again).
I did it already, for you, for all

So that when you pass through the rivers, you will have me around
When you pass though waters, it will not overshadow you
The fire that could burn will not strip you of your skin
And the flames will not kindle over you
For you are ‘My beloved’.

Did you just ask who I am?
I'm Jesus!


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