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Junked Up?

The other day I wanted to upload something online with my phone but I couldn’t because I didn’t have enough space.

 So I went through my pictures and tried to delete some of them. I realized that there were a lot of pictures to be deleted -from the ones I had no idea when they entered my phone, to the ones I saw no relevance to. Haven deleted them all, I had space enough to not just upload my picture but even some more extra space.

Sometimes we have ourselves clogged by many junks. Sometimes they get attached to our live without us knowing. At the end of the day, we carry a lot of baggage and junk that occupy the spaces we need to do better things with our lives and energy.

We end up not having space enough for ourselves in our own lives. Not because we don’t have the ability to free ourselves from them but because we have not given thought to them.

I realized it’s a continuous thing that’ll always have to be done.

I hope you give thought to things you allow in your life; and have a great week ahead.



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