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Growing Intentionally

I’ve had this burden in my heart for a while, and it’s the fact that people think God would do everything for them. It is much disturbing when I hear certain things been mentioned over and over in prayer and I wonder if these things will ever pass.

While growing up, the only tree I climbed to pluck a fruit was a guava tree, which was because it was very a very short tree. I don’t want to believe that you didn’t have that experience of plucking fruits yourself while growing up. J
As much as the fruit was easily accessible, I would not get to eat and enjoy them without my effort in plucking them.
This same principle applies to certain areas of our lives.

Often times we wait on God whilst God is waiting on us. We pray certain prayers and not do the needful for a good result. You pray for God to help with anger issues and never really take out time to work on yourself, like read books on managing anger. We pray for God to bring certain opportunities our way but don’t prepare for such opportunities. We pray for financial stability and are not prudent in our spending or thinking of starting up something that’s will bring in some extra cash..Or you want to be a great chef and you are very passive about increasing your knowledge base.

Whilst it is very important to pray, it is also important not to hide under the cover of prayer and not ask ourselves what our role is. So many remain in despair hiding under the covering of prayers, saying ‘God will do it’ or ‘It is well’ or things that cover up the part of them that has to put in some effort to get past where they are.

I’ve been at this place at different points of my life and I have to ask myself over and over or let me say ask God over and over- what am I to do. Just like school will not just happen. Just like going to have your bath is primarily a function of you, so also building your life or having a better life.
In as much as the bible says that with God all things are possible, the person that works it out with God is you and I.

with God is a statement of  Partnership’

 It means you are to identify what you can do to move past your present state into a more desirable   one. To move past your zone of comfort and take steps to become better at the different parts of your life that you think you need a change .
One day at a time, one step at a time, consistently reminding yourself of your goals, and with God, nothing shall be impossible.
You want to be careful you’re not leaving undone what you should do and you are taking practical steps to have the things you desire. Simply because there are somethings God will not do for  you. STRANGE right?
So my question for you today is- what step can you take to cause a positive change in that things you have been praying about? Haven identified it, go ahead and do it.
Getting intentional about the things we really desire is the way we get into partnership with God.

Do have a lovely week ahead.



  1. Getting intentional about the things we really desire is the way we get into partnership with God. 🀲🏽🀝🏽

  2. Sweet. I like the WITH GOD part. I really never saw that scripture as a partnership.
    Hmmm. It isn't TO GOD, cause definitely God can do anything. But when we partner with Him. We can do anything.
    Nice one.
    And true I concur. We actually dont even pray away sin, the Bible says to PUT OFF every works of the flesh. So its a conscious effort and we do that by WALKING IN THE SPIRIT. Cause the Bible says if we LIVE IN THE SPIRIT then we must also WALK IN THE SPIRIT. Thats a conscious effort.
    Amazing read dear.


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