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Today I want to share something about faithfulness.
Faithfulness,according to google,  is the concept of unfailingly remaining loyal to someone or something, and putting that loyalty into consistent practice regardless of extenuating circumstances. Literally, it is the state of being full of faith in the sense of steady devotion to a person, thing or concept.
In my understanding, it is being consistently committed to a course or person regardless of what comes your way.

I want to focus on the things that we have been called to do or the things that we find per time to do. Sometimes we can get so lackadaisical about stuff when no one is watching or when others are playing their part. Sometimes its really because we don’t have enough drive to do what we really want to do. Sometimes, factors beyond our control can be the cause. Sometimes its because we have not exactly decided to take up responsibility by ourselves. Sometimes we don’t have knowledge enough to carry through with things. Som…

Unusual Stuff

Today, I’m going to share something very unusual of me to share. Its simply what God has placed in my heart to share. Holiness.
 I’m continually understanding holiness to be a honest walk with God and an openness to do his will regardless of the things that are around. Its simply to be set apart. To be separate. To be distinct. Thus separating ones self from everything that defiles.
Its identifying what God would have you do and giving yourself to it. Its allowing God to have his full way in your lifes- that’s like a surrender to God’s way of doing stuff.
Malachia.3:3 says And he shall sit as a refiner and purifier of silver: and he shall purify the sons of Levi, and purge them as gold and silver, that they may offer unto the LORD an offering in righteousness. 
Our heavenly father wants to make us into the persons he would have us be-Holy. Releasing who we are to his style of doing things.
When Love calls us to be holy, we can be sure that it’s very possible to live as holy.(BE HOLY …

TWEENTY three (2)

Yipee!!! I thought I should write about my birthday.
So people who I had not communicated with in a while flooded my timeline with birthday wishes and it was very overwhelming. I was especially thrilled by the several words that came as people sent their wishes and prayers that came especially on phone. Most of them words were words I had never heard them say and they were oh very soothing words.
I’d be sincere with you I wish that day never ended. I wish I could just pause time and freeze up in that day. There really no plan to mark it on my path. I was just going to sit gently in my house and do whatever comes up spontaneously and that was exactly what happened on my path.
The height of it was hearing from people I had not heard from in a long time. That was just lite!! I could literally answer that scripture where GOD SAID- Behold I am doing a new thing, can’t you perceive it?- Oh yes I did; I did perceive new stuff, and I know it was just God doing His thing. I felt so loved an…

The Parent Factor!

We live in a time and age where everyone wants to define things by themselves, have minds of their own and make decisions or take steps all by themselves without been interrupted in anyway. Whilst this is a great feat, it begins to tilt in the wrong direction when certain elders cannot intervene in the affairs of your life. Today I want to share about the role of parents on our lives. I’ve been doing a bit of bible study in that direction and its incredible the light that keeps sinning in my path. Samson in the bible was a great man. The bible says that he was filled with the Holy Spirit from his birth. He was known right from time that he was going t be a super strong man in the community. He grew up to be one of Israel’s judges. However when it was time for him to take a woman for a wife, he went for a philistine woman. His warned him not to go for the philistine woman because the philistines were pagans. However he refused. I like how contemporary English Version puts it, it says-…


This post is exactly one month dew. :) I had it on written out,however I couldn't post it on my bog because of issues with my laptop.

Its amazing that it is already one year since my last birthday. It was during my internship year as a medical house officer.  I had ordered some cake to do a little something but a beautiful soul decided to add one more to it saying I cannot be giving people small small pieces of cake. (lol) That year was a very eventful year for me personally. I like to have this thing with God where we get down to have a word or song that marks the year. I stumbled on this song by bethel music- Reckless Love. The lyrics of this song sits so well with me. I especially like the part that says- ‘…there’s no shadow you won’t light up, mountain you won’t climb up  coming after me; There’s no wall you won’t kick down, lie you won’t tear down , coming after me…’
It was more like my anthem song. The year was full of a whole lot of good and gloom. It was quite a year be…


Couple of weeks ago I wrote a blog post about how good it is to spend a good enough time on the Gods word. Here is the post.
Today I would like to lay emphases on how time is not t he determinant factor of whether we actually get the word or not. As good as it is to spend a good enough time on the word, sometimes life doesn’t make that happen at a stretch. We get occupied with work, schooling, family, and other activities that are very essential to our lives. However, a good justice can be done to studying the word even in a short time. So I like to see this as the time difference in time taken to prepare noodles and that used to prepare pounded yam and egusi like I wrote (in the previous post on good food) here.
David in the bible said he praised God 7 different times during the day. As much as he knew that he was necessary to praise God, he did not ignore the other responsibilities he had to lead his family and the nation of Israel.
Psalm 119:164- Seven times a day do I praise thee…

She’s our Beloved!!

So you are a fellow Nigerian and all you are speaking over this country is them curse words, God is watching you via havens wifi oo. Anyway, I remember the words of a Nigerian during one of the strike actions in one of the Nigerian Hospitals- he said ‘As long as I am concerned, this nation is gone’ Ah! that sounded like he was placing a spell or something. That was of course not his intentions. But then I realised that sometimes we are limited in the things that we allow ourselves to do ‘for’ the nation if the thoughts we have towards her and the words we speak over her are very much on the negative side. I’m not denying the fact that Nigeria is in a state that’s not encouraging at all but then the least we can do I believe is to do some reshaping by the words we speak. Before I continue, let me share a little poem I penned down some time ago:
You are a product of what You hear, see, and do So also, She’s a product of what she Hears, sees and does Nigeria. ©Oluseyi Hey, did you think she w…

Storyteller God

Have you ever wonder why certain things happen? Especially things that are very unexpected –both good and bad. Some of these things, we don’t even have an explanation for them, we don’t get to understand until they have run their course. I’ve come to understand that as much as we may not understand everything going on in our lives, there is a writer behind the scripts of our lives who has the pen writing a story. Moses in the bible had an interesting childhood. He was born in a period when the king was against firsts born male children. I’m wondering: Why would God even allow an innocent child to be born in this period of time? Good for him, he had a good mother who kept him. However, the pressure was high and he had to be let in to the river for fate to determine the next course of his life. Fortunately, he’s picked up by the daughter of the same king who planned to kill him.
It’s interesting that the same house from which his death was planned, his life was preserved. He got to be bab…

Step Down and Step Up - 2

Often times God will require us to step down from certain things we engage ourselves in so that we can step up to what he has for us in the present(moment).
Saul of Tarsus lived a certain kind of life where he persecuted Christians and one day Jesus had to stop him. It’s interesting that he actually went to get a letter of permission to continue his work against Christians in Damascus. I will tag this one of the minor things he stepped up to. His major goal was to persecuted the Christians. As God would have it, Jesus appeared to him and it’s interesting that he did not just recognize that Jesus was Lord even before Jesus introduced himself but they (Jesus and Saul) also has a conversation. This points to the fact that it doesn’t matter how distant you have been from God, he can speak to you and you can speak back to him. In Act.9:6, Saul asked Jesus ‘…Lord, what wilt thou have me do?’ Saul was ready to sign up for what Jesus would have him do. At some point as he answered Gods call,…

Step Down and Step Up - 1

Often times we are busy with one thing or the other and sometimes feel less accomplished(fulfilled).I (beg to say) that sometimes it’s because there are somethings that we have taken up responsibility for that we really shouldn’t. Somethings that are not exactly as important as what we were really made for.

Some of the time we actually know these things that we aren’t meant to be living in at the moment. They are not necessarily ‘bad’ or negative in the real sense but definitely would slow you down from progressing in your course. If you don’t step down from them, they’ll keep you from stepping up to the life you are meant to live. The life that brings fullness and satisfaction. I believe that God desires for us to live full lives, however there are decisions we have to make and stick to in order to experience the fullness of life God has for us. The children of Eli in the bible had several things they were involved with but in the midst of all these they failed in doing the most imp…

Junked Up?

The other day I wanted to upload something online with my phone but I couldn’t because I didn’t have enough space.
So I went through my pictures and tried to delete some of them. I realized that there were a lot of pictures to be deleted -from the ones I had no idea when they entered my phone, to the ones I saw no relevance to. Haven deleted them all, I had space enough to not just upload my picture but even some more extra space.
Sometimes we have ourselves clogged by many junks. Sometimes they get attached to our live without us knowing. At the end of the day, we carry a lot of baggage and junk that occupy the spaces we need to do better things with our lives and energy.
We end up not having space enough for ourselves in our own lives. Not because we don’t have the ability to free ourselves from them but because we have not given thought to them.
I realized it’s a continuous thing that’ll always have to be done.
I hope you give thought to things you allow in your life; and have a great …


:) I’ve not written in about a month now because I needed to focus on some other things.
Lately, my attention has been drawn to food. I mean, gooooooood food. The kind of food whose appearance gives some Jesus Joy. You know what I mean? Sighting them a lot makes one absolutely crave for them. While some of them take only a little while to get prepared, some of them take quite some time. However, if you ever take your time to prepare them, you’d be so glad you did. These are the kind of food that cost quite some amount (to pay for) in a good restaurant.