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Whew!! It's been a really long while time :) .I've been quite busy with school:)

So I came across one of the posters from mygracecards (a facebook page I created to express the chronicles in my mind)) and I realized how true it is for you and I. 

Very subconsciously we have believed in ourselves to be able to get things done. I say subconscious because sometimes we just do things and it seems like the norm; we let it pass, giving no meaning to it.  The truth is,some of these things are what count in our days of despair or when we need to encourage ourselves. 

It's important that you find the value in what you have gone through and let it propel you to a greater height.

Sometimes we have to take a look at where we are coming from(where we have been) and we will have an idea of not just how much we can do but how far we can go. :)

I hope you find strength as you take a look at your life and see how much strength you displayed in certain situations that could have made others a wr…