Preparation is one of those words you've probably heard a thousand and one times.

I want to point your attention to something interesting about preparation that I realized.
Especially when God drops somethings in our hearts..
I was thinking some days ago about how God drops certain things in our hearts and sometimes we don't really get why He is asking us to do such things.Or maybe we get why but we just can't bring ourselves to do it.

Here's 'a why'- He always wants to prepare us for what he has preparing for us somewhere in the future. Most of the time,what he expects of us may be  things we are not so used to or would sure hit into our regular kinda life.You most likely would have an internal struggle and maybe,procrastinate/try not to face it.

I am one of those people who can try pushing aside what God would have me do.But I came to realize that my prayers would require actions that probably only God can give a specific leading. And also because God sees way ahead,I better do what He'ld have me do if I really want things to fall in place for me.

Sometimes,it could really be a struggle but 'you gotta do what you gotta do'.

So the next time God places something in your heart and you seem to see yourself doing it,just encourage yourself in knowing that someday you'll realized it was just the perfect time to have prepared(things will fall just in place).

The truth is,if you don't get to prepare,you  may end up having to 'repass' and do some EXTRA work
 And then realize how-Obedience is better than sacrifice #winks.

p.s-Your heart was made by God,so He'll cause things to surface in your heart every now and then.


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