Would you?

Its 4 days after my grad from the uni today. It was such an exciting day for me.Took lots of pictures and still trying to collects them together. :) Here are some of them if you care to feed your eyes:

Yeah,thats me :)
 This is Korede and her sister Busayo. They are like family to  me :).They are siblings by the way and yeah,she(Busayo) bakes heavenly cakes.
 The official pose..
 I'm so excited about this particular shot! I look so excited..lol
 That's Korede and Busayo's Aunt and Uncle.

Reminising on how the years have gone by and how i have had so many plans and aspirations through my years in the uni,I though it would be a good point to write on.

Its amazing how time goes by.

The question I have for you today is- would you have done all your heart know you should have done within a frame of time that you have in a particular place? Especially as a child of God,who has desires placed in your heart by God.

I say this because most times,things (distractions) can get in your way. If you are not careful(focused) enough,you may get to the finish line without actually achieving what you were meant to achieve in the first place.

This, of course,is relative to individuals because every individual has their God given and even personal dreams goals etc.

Having answered this question,its of course time to readjust your schedule or priority and get focused on what really matters. Most times,you are about the only one that knows what you really,really should do.

So,make things happen for you and be happy!!

Here are more shot..

 These gals made a huge part of my stay in uni great!!
 This happens to be the only picture i personally took with her (*crying face*),after accusing me I asked her to take me pictures with her camera because I didn't want to take any picture with her..lol
She's Helen Konde and is the visionaire of Getting Connected.

 This is my Pastor and his friend.My Pastor and his wife came all the way from another city :)


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