The Balance Of Two Worlds

Its very easy to get so caught up in the cares(plans) for tomorrow that you do not  enjoy the beauty in  today.

Very few things bit having a plan for your future. But you need to be careful that in planning for the future you lose touch of the present. Planning for the future also requires you to pay good attention to your present.

Every today will someday be a yesterday and every tomorrow will someday be a today. Not paying attention to the beauty is an habit that will definitely translate into not appreciating the beauty in tomorrow.

This is why its very important that you guard your mind and stay conscious and appreciative of where you are per time. The people around you,the task at hand,the moments you spend in different places,the position you possibly occupy,etc. This is what really defines you. This is what makes life worth living;having a plan for tomorrow(the future) yet not been too carried away as not to enjoy and grow in the present moment.

As you have the future in view,don't loose touch of the beauty in today. Take one step at a time.
Do the best you can not to neglect what is before you while trying to reach out to the future.

Build yourself with the present moments as you have the future in view. This makes you live on purpose.

Live conscious and appreciative of every moment with the future in view.This makes you have a balance between two worlds-the present and the future.


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