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Lesson9: Plan

This word,as simple as it sound is so profound.

One of those school days I remember stopping twice along the way just to take a better view of the road and figure out how to pass through;simply because the road was messy and I had to be very careful else I raise dirt on my clothes.

These two pauses reminded me of how important it is to take some time out,every once in a while to make plans on how things should go.

Have you ever had an idea,spoken to in fact several people about it and then end up not doing it?
Its usually because of one of two things-you didn't have a plan or something else got in the way and choked your plan.
A plan is simply a road map you have for what you are all about per time. One of the reasons I believe people do not plan or find it difficult to plan is because we always want to be doing something! You get so used to doing so many things that it gets uncomfortable doing nothing.

To plan is simply to pause and deine how things should go.

Though there are different levels of planning,I am talking here about a plan that governs your routine or life per time.
The truth is that everyone and every other thing will get into your time if you do not have a plan and you will end up though busy,not fulfilled.
Having a plan and sticking to it is a way of developing discipline. One agenda after the other,one day after the other and before you know it you begin to exercise discipline in your life.

Planning will require you to say no to some things that really may be pleasurable. Yeah.There are times I have wanted to continue with an activity or engagement but had to leave or discontinue it because I had to go to whats next on my to-do list. This actually made me to begin making the best use of every little time I get or have.Like,I make it as quality quality you get as I can..yh!

You don't want to have a deep desire for what you believe is right for you to do and then endup not been fulfilled.

Taking time out to plan provided you with direction. It makes your journey clearer,makes every time worth it. It makes your conversation or actions tailored in the right direction.
The truth is, making a plan for yourself is powerful,if you allow your plans drive you. They always,always bring a strong sense of not just fulfillment but confidence in yourself.

In planning,a balance is needed. A balance of work,school,study,cooking,fun and every other thing you do. Oh YEAH!

This part of balance was a little shaky or challenging for me but its something I believe one has to learn unlearn and relearn to do as time and seasons pass by!
Balance is important so you don't crash!! Hehe...

Every time you realize you have fallen off track,get back on track and pick up the pace!That's the only way to get to your destination. But hey, you don't want to even do that in the first pace,you want to stay consistent.


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