Lesson 10: Unlearn &Relearn

Growth is in loops. Its a cycle.
What really does it mean to be willing to unlearn and relearn?
To unlearn is to undo what you have always known and to relearn is to take up a new knowledge.
Its to be willing to do away with what you have always known and be willing to get a better understanding,knowledge of something.
The fact that one has learnt something once doesn't mean one knows it all.That one learnt something doesn't mean one can really apply it right.That one learnt something doesn't even make it the right thing. Especially because things always present in different forms and ways.
Everything(people,society,etc) is changing everyday,so also are the dynamics of things changing,though,principles will remain.
I realized that to do this effectively,I have to pay attention to details like I wrote here.
Through it all,I realized that I must be ready to unlearn and relearn some truths so I can grow and keep growing.
Unlearning will require you to give other people's opinion a thought regardless of yours. I mean,allowing yourself to see things differently from another perspective. Been willing to unlearn and relearn places you at a point where you are not stern to always be right which could present you as arrogant.
It applies in all spheres like in acquiring knowledge to better your skill,relationships and basically all that  I have spoken about in previous lessons.
The truth is,unlearning is hard especially if you have to unlearn something you have lived most of your life with but you gotta do what you gotta do to be better you know.
Be willing to learn from everyone and anyone so long as you come to understand what you really need to.

As you keep on with the cycle,you evolve and grow. Yeah,learning,unlearning and relearning..

With a big smile on my face :) I end my lessons form 2015.Got so caught up with school.
#finally,I feel fulfilled!! I feel happy!! Like,I'm so excited right now.I really hope you learn alot from these lessons. Thanks for always stopping by:)


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