Lesson 7: Speak-up/Keep quiet

To speak up or to be quiet can be a difficult one to know.What exactly to say even when you decide to speak is also very important. I spoke a little about paying attention to details here . Do you know that every word you say affects who you say them to? Even how you construct your  sentences? Yes,it really does.

There are just few points I will list out concerning speaking up/keeping quiet.

  • Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh,says the bible. So,whether you like it or not,whether you are aware or not,whether you meant to say something or not;what you say defines you! I mean,it sharpens anyone's perception of you.More than ever before I had to be extra care what I said and actually think before talking.
  • What you say influences people. Whether you like it or not,it does and you want to be careful that what you are saying is well placed.(well constructed)
  • Silence is consent- This I especially had to learn because it dawned on me that whatever I keep quiet about I have to live with. Whatever I do not speak up about,I agreed with. This was especially tough for me because I would naturally just let things go,but then I realized there were certain things you really have to speak up about else you live with them.Truth is you cannot influence whats going on in your world if you do not air your sincere opinion about them. Personally I had to consciously do this because working or relating with people was inevitable! So it was either I learnt it or I'd never be free inside. Knowing what you really want to the base or foundation of speaking up or keeping silent.
  • People pay attention- You will be shocked/surprised how much attention people pay to what you say and how much it does influence or affect them. I failed time and again in this one and well,thank God for those who are genuine enough to let me realize somethings should not be said in certain ways.Sometimes I feel like the Holy Spirit does convict me per time on what I say wrong and then I have to go fix it up..lol. This is not to say that you speak to please everyone,rather its to say that you have sentences constructive enough to not hurt people's feeling yet pass your message across very clearly or the best way you can.
  • There are different categories of people in your life. Its wisdom to know how to address who.

It takes a level of attention to know whether to speak or just keep quiet some times. It may take a while for you to master this,but its important if you would have a good relationship with people.
The Holy Spirit is one person you also want to involve every step of the way.

Too much talk leads to sin. Be sensible and keep your mouth shut.-Proverbs.10:19


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