Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Lesson 10: Unlearn &Relearn

Growth is in loops. Its a cycle.
What really does it mean to be willing to unlearn and relearn?
To unlearn is to undo what you have always known and to relearn is to take up a new knowledge.
Its to be willing to do away with what you have always known and be willing to get a better understanding,knowledge of something.
The fact that one has learnt something once doesn't mean one knows it all.That one learnt something doesn't mean one can really apply it right.That one learnt something doesn't even make it the right thing. Especially because things always present in different forms and ways.
Everything(people,society,etc) is changing everyday,so also are the dynamics of things changing,though,principles will remain.
I realized that to do this effectively,I have to pay attention to details like I wrote here.
Through it all,I realized that I must be ready to unlearn and relearn some truths so I can grow and keep growing.
Unlearning will require you to give other people's opinion a thought regardless of yours. I mean,allowing yourself to see things differently from another perspective. Been willing to unlearn and relearn places you at a point where you are not stern to always be right which could present you as arrogant.
It applies in all spheres like in acquiring knowledge to better your skill,relationships and basically all that  I have spoken about in previous lessons.
The truth is,unlearning is hard especially if you have to unlearn something you have lived most of your life with but you gotta do what you gotta do to be better you know.
Be willing to learn from everyone and anyone so long as you come to understand what you really need to.

As you keep on with the cycle,you evolve and grow. Yeah,learning,unlearning and relearning..

With a big smile on my face :) I end my lessons form 2015.Got so caught up with school.
#finally,I feel fulfilled!! I feel happy!! Like,I'm so excited right now.I really hope you learn alot from these lessons. Thanks for always stopping by:)

Lesson9: Plan

This word,as simple as it sound is so profound.

One of those school days I remember stopping twice along the way just to take a better view of the road and figure out how to pass through;simply because the road was messy and I had to be very careful else I raise dirt on my clothes.

These two pauses reminded me of how important it is to take some time out,every once in a while to make plans on how things should go.

Have you ever had an idea,spoken to in fact several people about it and then end up not doing it?
Its usually because of one of two things-you didn't have a plan or something else got in the way and choked your plan.
A plan is simply a road map you have for what you are all about per time. One of the reasons I believe people do not plan or find it difficult to plan is because we always want to be doing something! You get so used to doing so many things that it gets uncomfortable doing nothing.

To plan is simply to pause and deine how things should go.

Though there are different levels of planning,I am talking here about a plan that governs your routine or life per time.
The truth is that everyone and every other thing will get into your time if you do not have a plan and you will end up though busy,not fulfilled.
Having a plan and sticking to it is a way of developing discipline. One agenda after the other,one day after the other and before you know it you begin to exercise discipline in your life.

Planning will require you to say no to some things that really may be pleasurable. Yeah.There are times I have wanted to continue with an activity or engagement but had to leave or discontinue it because I had to go to whats next on my to-do list. This actually made me to begin making the best use of every little time I get or have.Like,I make it as quality quality you get as I can..yh!

You don't want to have a deep desire for what you believe is right for you to do and then endup not been fulfilled.

Taking time out to plan provided you with direction. It makes your journey clearer,makes every time worth it. It makes your conversation or actions tailored in the right direction.
The truth is, making a plan for yourself is powerful,if you allow your plans drive you. They always,always bring a strong sense of not just fulfillment but confidence in yourself.

In planning,a balance is needed. A balance of work,school,study,cooking,fun and every other thing you do. Oh YEAH!

This part of balance was a little shaky or challenging for me but its something I believe one has to learn unlearn and relearn to do as time and seasons pass by!
Balance is important so you don't crash!! Hehe...

Every time you realize you have fallen off track,get back on track and pick up the pace!That's the only way to get to your destination. But hey, you don't want to even do that in the first pace,you want to stay consistent.

Monday, 30 May 2016

Lesson 8: Face your fears

Oppositions are opportunities in disguise.
I don't want to believe its only youths that have fears. I believe that every once in a while as we walk on the path of destiny,there are certain things that may pop up and whisper fear in our hearts.
Facing my fears was another thing I had to learn to do. Still learning though!

Doing things afraid was my way of been courageous.

Fears really do come in different shapes,patterns,forms. It could range from starting up a project to even opening up to either give or receive love. (Oh Yeah!I said that!!)
One thing I  actually came to learn is that fear cripples.It cripples even your creativity. It cripples your ability to explore and discover whether or not something is really is really possible.

I discovered I had a little more confidence in myself for every moment I did what I had the instinct to do  even if I was afraid. And for every step that I took,I was freer in my spirit to have taken the step

Actually,facing your fears brings you to a state of consciousness not to flop or let me say a determination to make things work regardless.It kind of brings you to this point of paying rapt attention to how you can #get away with murder. lol

It grows your response ability and cognition.

Your fear could be your past.Yeah! Face it.Make whatever wrong you can right accept the responsibility for them so you can move on.

Thursday, 19 May 2016

The Balance Of Two Worlds

Its very easy to get so caught up in the cares(plans) for tomorrow that you do not  enjoy the beauty in  today.

Very few things bit having a plan for your future. But you need to be careful that in planning for the future you lose touch of the present. Planning for the future also requires you to pay good attention to your present.

Every today will someday be a yesterday and every tomorrow will someday be a today. Not paying attention to the beauty is an habit that will definitely translate into not appreciating the beauty in tomorrow.

This is why its very important that you guard your mind and stay conscious and appreciative of where you are per time. The people around you,the task at hand,the moments you spend in different places,the position you possibly occupy,etc. This is what really defines you. This is what makes life worth living;having a plan for tomorrow(the future) yet not been too carried away as not to enjoy and grow in the present moment.

As you have the future in view,don't loose touch of the beauty in today. Take one step at a time.
Do the best you can not to neglect what is before you while trying to reach out to the future.

Build yourself with the present moments as you have the future in view. This makes you live on purpose.

Live conscious and appreciative of every moment with the future in view.This makes you have a balance between two worlds-the present and the future.

Friday, 6 May 2016

Lesson 7: Speak-up/Keep quiet

To speak up or to be quiet can be a difficult one to know.What exactly to say even when you decide to speak is also very important. I spoke a little about paying attention to details here . Do you know that every word you say affects who you say them to? Even how you construct your  sentences? Yes,it really does.

There are just few points I will list out concerning speaking up/keeping quiet.

  • Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh,says the bible. So,whether you like it or not,whether you are aware or not,whether you meant to say something or not;what you say defines you! I mean,it sharpens anyone's perception of you.More than ever before I had to be extra care what I said and actually think before talking.
  • What you say influences people. Whether you like it or not,it does and you want to be careful that what you are saying is well placed.(well constructed)
  • Silence is consent- This I especially had to learn because it dawned on me that whatever I keep quiet about I have to live with. Whatever I do not speak up about,I agreed with. This was especially tough for me because I would naturally just let things go,but then I realized there were certain things you really have to speak up about else you live with them.Truth is you cannot influence whats going on in your world if you do not air your sincere opinion about them. Personally I had to consciously do this because working or relating with people was inevitable! So it was either I learnt it or I'd never be free inside. Knowing what you really want to the base or foundation of speaking up or keeping silent.
  • People pay attention- You will be shocked/surprised how much attention people pay to what you say and how much it does influence or affect them. I failed time and again in this one and well,thank God for those who are genuine enough to let me realize somethings should not be said in certain ways.Sometimes I feel like the Holy Spirit does convict me per time on what I say wrong and then I have to go fix it up..lol. This is not to say that you speak to please everyone,rather its to say that you have sentences constructive enough to not hurt people's feeling yet pass your message across very clearly or the best way you can.
  • There are different categories of people in your life. Its wisdom to know how to address who.

It takes a level of attention to know whether to speak or just keep quiet some times. It may take a while for you to master this,but its important if you would have a good relationship with people.
The Holy Spirit is one person you also want to involve every step of the way.

Too much talk leads to sin. Be sensible and keep your mouth shut.-Proverbs.10:19