Another kind of believe;Be your loudest cheer leader

With a very big smile on my face I write this-Another kind of believe!
God has got great logistic plans;very great;very intellectually planned. He has His way of bringing people your way or putting people along your path to see something in you that you probably do not see in yourself at that time. Or maybe you even recognize the big you but somehow you just are not able to bring yourself to accept ( receive) it.
 I want to talk to you about another kind of believe. This kind is the one you have in yourself. Its important that beyond the external support we have,we build ourselves to that point of been grounded in our believe of ourselves. The reason so many never rise is because usually they want to be accepted by certain people.They approach someone and once the person doesn't deliver they just 'mello' on their dreams or aspirations.
Its a process,it takes a period of believing and disbelieving even in your self,but its necessary if you are going to soar in life.
And its the foundation of your believe system.

Let's take a look at David: There are two levels of believe here-
First,he was all so sure that he was able to conquer Goliath
Secondly,he had to fight through the ideology of Saul  giving him his armor. Everyone would be honored to be accepted of a top notch king; in fact if a king believes in you-you are made already!! But here is David saying- ehn ehn, ніет (no in Russian lol), i can't fight this battle in another man's armor.
David had a different kind of believe in what God had placed in him! You see,sometimes God allows certain things to happen in our lives so that he can shape our believe system.
Sometimes,we get so carried away with what others are or have done that we underestimate what we really carry.
Constantly load your heart with who you are-that's what shapes your believe in yourself!!



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