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The walk to Stability

I hope you are inspired by the lines of this write up. Had it run all over my head as i woke up one evening.

******           ******
This piece,that piece
And this one..that other one too

What is going on?
Is there a switch somewhere?
How many shades will I see?
How long will it take?

With different intentions
Yet expressing different actions
Is it because of my attention?
Whats going on?

On this minute,Off the next
High this minute,Low the next
All alive this minute,all down-low the next  (Is there ever going to be a day that I'll be totally 'alive'?)
Is there a switch somewhere?

The good side,and then the less good
The friendly side,and then the less friendly
How many shades will I see?

Been on this for a really long time
Had a hope of a time to celebrate it
Right now I'm thinking;
How long will it take?

(Smiling) But I'll keep on walking
I'll keep on walking with my limp
Ain't I got a whole life ahead?
I will do better today that yesterday
And then tomorrow than today.

This piece,that piece
And this one..that other one too.

p.s- Let me know,at the comment box, which of the lines speak to you the most OR,which is you piece... :)


  1. Is there ever going to be a day that I'll be totally alive?

    1. Hehe, well, everyone has those times. We've just got to choose to come alive again.. its like a fight,you've got to fight to stay alive..I mean choose/decide to stay(come back) alive.Find what works for you and live!


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