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Lesson three:Personal Growth

Its exactly one week since the time I should have put out this piece.I had it hanging there in my dashboard.I had to jump off my bed to put it up right now;realizing how procrastination can can stop you from reaching your goals.How it can cling to you so closely that your dreams sleep off. How that one has to keep fighting to do what you ought to do is what this teaches me!
#Much remorse right now_sad face.
Hope you catch the lesson in this piece :)

Personal Growth.
Hmm,this very part!!! Very few things beat personal growth in life.

This one hit me real big in 2015. For real, very few things beat personal growth.  In fact I believe its the key to any form of greatness(multiple success).
If you are like me whom is the last child,you are probably already used to depending on others or like allowing things just happen and not 'taking charge'. Or maybe its not just a last child thing,its a normal thing that happens to everyone(at least at some point or the other).
But,a time comes when you get to take charge for yourself, now is the time if you are reading this. 'Twale' to you/I dough my cap for those whom have gone ahead in personal growth. The earlier you start, the less purposeless life or any second of yours will be.
Personal growth is hard work.  I would have loved to say its not for lazy people but its REALLY for lazy people coz you've gotta be hardworking boo/bae (smiles).

Proverbs.6:10-11- A little sleep,a little slumber,a little folding of the hands to rest Your poverty will come in like a vagabond and your need like an armed man.

Personal growth is basically deciding for yourself that you are going to be better at one area of the other.
Its literally, getting conscious of your state and facing it I.e-competing with yourself to be better than whoever you used to be;regardless of what anyone does or say.
The height to which you grow personally is the height to which you would stay relevant. Personal growth is like preparing yourself for whatever will come. Simply getting better at what you do.

I spoke about understanding your peculiarity through the knowledge of God here - .Personal growth propels you to work at BECOMING.

One area or the other regardless of whether you have a reason to showcase it or not.
Here was how I pushed myself- 'I am going to grow for my Father' - I am going to be the best version of me for my (heavenly) Father's sake. That gave me a lot of ginger. My Father been God.
So what do you do? Identify an area that defines you(e.g you are a student or teacher, a drummer or pianist,an engineer or doctor,a pastor or church worker),get better at it. Learn  something new about it.
Pick interest in something new, enlarge your capacity in it.(e.g cooking,making hair,baking,spiritually etc.)

The thing is,nobody knows you are growing until they see that you have grown! Be your greatest fan in the place of growth and you will have the greatest fan base after you are grown!! Make sense??? Haha..
Personal growth is the process of becoming!! Its investing in that person that was birth in God's presence.Its what life is all about after knowing/discovering yourself.

So how do you grow personally?

  • Identify that part of you that needs to get really top notch/ identify your gift.
  • Spend less time on other things and more time polishing that part of you that needs some touch. Call a trainer to train you,get on youtube and learn a new method, observe people,ask questions, read up on how people have done theirs and how you can come up with an original you using their principle;get really conscious and proactive about you! Go beyond the norm and refine yourself.  
  • Be patient with yourself enough- you will definitely fail in the process or get bored most probably because you are the only one in it. But you've got to keep keeping on. Define what you want and keep reminding yourself. Keep your friends posted! The true ones will stand by you. 
  • Always commend yourself for every step you take no matter how little. You could also have an accountability partner.

 The world is waiting to see a greater,better you. You have more days ahead than you do behind you. So,just do it! :) . This is one thought pattern that keeps me going.
Here's where I say bye. Catch up with you at the comment session. Let me know what its been like having to grow yourself :).


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