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Lesson Four: Loyalty

Loyalty is faithfulness or a devotion to a personcountry, group, or cause. 
Its looking into something you are convinced you should be doing and staying true to that cause. This lesson was interesting for me because God kindof took me back to the case of Ruth,Naomi and Opah in the bible.

Ruth happen to be a blessed  woman with two sons. She had all things going good/well for her until a disaster she had not prepared for came upon her household.

First,her husband died,then her sons-these happen to her in another land-her husband moved the whole household to a foreign land. He probably had some new business deal there or life was supposedly going to be more palatable there. Now she was left with no one but her daughters-in-law.What a loss? It was like everyone she has ever loved for a tangible responsible period of her life is gone. Everyone she could possible resonate with was no more. They weren't traveled,they weren't living in some other regions,they were no more-total separation. Wow!
That must have been a huge heartbreak for her. I am sure she must have been so overwhelmed by her loss that she had come to a conclusion that it was the end for her.Thus she says to her daughters-in-law to go find someone else who suits them. She even went to then extent of helping her daughters-in-law project into the future and said,even if she was to give birth that day which was impossible,the child would have to grow-up before they can be productive.
When it comes to conceding defeat,facing your fears and moving on,Naomi was ready to do that.(Who said women are no courageous?? Facing her fears, she told her daughters-in-law to move on with their lives by finding someone other guy who suits them. 
Opah was all for that.Off she went! But this amazing daughter-in-law called Ruth,stayed. She did not just stay,she made a statement-she said-

 ..."Don't urge me to leave you or to turn back from you. Where you go I will go, and where you stay I will stay. Your people will be my people and your God my God.-Ruth.1:16.

OMG! isn't this amazing?

Well this statement turned Ruth's life around forever. She would go with Naomi back to their home land and stand by her.Even go to the extent of going to farm land s so she could get something for the both of them to survive.

This taught me a lesson-One very crucial. When God places you somewhere or in a relationship and things go bad,he would have you stay loyal and be a solution(be committed to making things work);if you would yield to him and allow him teach you the way to go. If you noticed here,Ruth said- '..your God shall be my God.' It takes understanding of who you are(in God's sight) to understand that EVEN IF where you are is dysfunctional like in Ruth's case,there's a solution you can profer.
Naomi must have known God so well that Ruth would have to make that statement- ...Your people will be my people and your God my God. So it did not matter if it was a dysfunctional family,she had the heart of a solution bringer.And it was a  commitment to a God who was a solution giver.

Loyalty doesn't just happy-disloyalty does!
Loyalty is a choice you make to be still and know that God is God!!
Loyalty requires you to believe that God loves you too much to leave you alone in the storm,he would come through for you in your faithfulness to the cause he has placed in your hands!!!

p.S- Knowing God was the first lesson in this series,you can follow this link to read it :) - Knowing-Your-God.



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