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The walk to Stability

I hope you are inspired by the lines of this write up. Had it run all over my head as i woke up one evening.

******           ******
This piece,that piece
And this one..that other one too

What is going on?
Is there a switch somewhere?
How many shades will I see?
How long will it take?

With different intentions
Yet expressing different actions
Is it because of my attention?
Whats going on?

On this minute,Off the next
High this minute,Low the next
All alive this minute,all down-low the next  (Is there ever going to be a day that I'll be totally 'alive'?)
Is there a switch somewhere?

The good side,and then the less good
The friendly side,and then the less friendly
How many shades will I see?

Been on this for a really long time
Had a hope of a time to celebrate it
Right now I'm thinking;
How long will it take?

(Smiling) But I'll keep on walking
I'll keep on walking with my limp
Ain't I got a whole life ahead?
I will do better today that yesterday
And then tomor…

Lesson Four: Loyalty

Loyalty is faithfulness or a devotion to a personcountry, group, or cause. 
Its looking into something you are convinced you should be doing and staying true to that cause. This lesson was interesting for me because God kindof took me back to the case of Ruth,Naomi and Opah in the bible.

Ruth happen to be a blessed  woman with two sons. She had all things going good/well for her until a disaster she had not prepared for came upon her household.

First,her husband died,then her sons-these happen to her in another land-her husband moved the whole household to a foreign land. He probably had some new business deal there or life was supposedly going to be more palatable there. Now she was left with no one but her daughters-in-law.What a loss? It was like everyone she has ever loved for a tangible responsible period of her life is gone. Everyone she could possible resonate with was no more. They weren't traveled,they weren't living in some other regions,they were no more-total separa…

Lesson three:Personal Growth

Its exactly one week since the time I should have put out this piece.I had it hanging there in my dashboard.I had to jump off my bed to put it up right now;realizing how procrastination can can stop you from reaching your goals.How it can cling to you so closely that your dreams sleep off. How that one has to keep fighting to do what you ought to do is what this teaches me!
#Much remorse right now_sad face.
Hope you catch the lesson in this piece :)

Personal Growth.
Hmm,this very part!!! Very few things beat personal growth in life.
This one hit me real big in 2015. For real, very few things beat personal growth.  In fact I believe its the key to any form of greatness(multiple success). If you are like me whom is the last child,you are probably already used to depending on others or like allowing things just happen and not 'taking charge'. Or maybe its not just a last child thing,its a normal thing that happens to everyone(at least at some point or the other). But,a time comes whe…