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Lesson 2: Paying Attention To Details.

In this time where everything is on the fast lane; fast food, microwave cooking and, if you are a student like me,you would probably also rush for classes, its very easy to pay little or no attention to details. 
Details are the core or connecting dots in attaining true or in-dept understanding.They are those tiny information that are easily waved off or shoved off. 

Paying attention to details helps us to do things thoroughly and thus get the very best of it. Most people do not like paying attention to details and some unknowingly don't because they claim there's no time or are not ready to 'slow down'. Paying attention requires time and patience. 

The thing is, the things you take quality time to do usually pays off on the long run.Whatever you get the 'true feel' of sticks with you longer. It comes in 2 forms:

  • REFLECTION - ruminating on your past experiences and making sense out of them for your growth or future life before taking up something new.
  • PARTICIPATION - been consciously present where you are and maximizing the moment. Giving your best contribution or getting the best (information) of every moment. It is intentionally focusing on where you are and what you are doing per time.

 With this, you do not waste any moment of your life because you will end up making sense of it all. That is full consciousness per time.

Even the Bible says; if you sow sparingly, you will reap sparingly and if you sow bountifully,you will reap bountifully.

What are the areas you may need to pay attention to?

1) Yourself- Next to paying attention to knowing God is knowing yourself. There are SO MANY things about you that you take for granted but are the key to your distinction in life. Take note of the little details about you.Own those details, especially the ones that make you different, because you were really made to stand out. Its the key to any form of influence. 

2)  Our relationships- Always be conscious of what is going on in every of your relationships. Be careful that your iPad, tabs, smart phones etc. don't take your attention while speaking to people. Especially in your most important relationships, make sure you are listening and observing properly so you can be sure to connect the dots. Also take time out to allow your past experience with the person or your other relationships channel you to the best way or 'how' to relate properly to the person. Make sure you take out time for them. Relationship with God, family and friends are key!

3) Purpose or your assignment- Its so easy to get distracted or carried away by every other thing but what you are called to or responsible to doing (lazy in the place of purpose). You may find yourself doing everything but what you have really purposed to do per time.

4)Others- Pay attention to the detail of time, the particular words you say and use, the promises you give, to whom you speak, what exactly you eat, how you study/read, how you plan etc.
It is key to excellence/distinction.

So you read it all and you are like 'where do I even start from?'
Hehe..Here's your answer:
  • Just decide right now to begin paying attention to details/concentrate.
  • Anytime you loose concentration, try to regain it. You get steady with time. Remember this: "whoever sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and whoever sows generously will also reap generously" - 2Corinthians 9:6  (from the Bible).

p.s- This particular lesson,I had to learn and relearn and relearn and I am still learning!!!

Cheers to a great week ahead!!


  1. I like this particular lesson.It keeps coming back to this blog. :)


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