Hi hi hi!!!
Its been a while yeah?
Yes I know. But i am excited to be here. I am working on a series of 10 lessons I learnt in 2015.
In a nutshell though,
I learnt to speak from been silent
I learnt to be silent form speaking
I learnt to pay attention from neglecting
I learnt to neglect from paying attention
I learnt to smile beyond the pain
I learnt to go on my knees(pray)
I learnt to trust God
It was really a defining year for me.
Like, every of God's word made so much sense like never before.
Okay,let me stop there...
 I should be releasing them from Wednesday 20th. Never stop praising God regardless of what's going on. Have a grateful heart for whatever little you have.
Remember~ All things work together for good for those that love the Lord and are the called according to His purpose.-Romans 8:28. :)

P.S: I had the opportunity to serve in my church at school,that's how I got to learn certain things. So,get a place of worship to serve God; God's going to grow you in a way you never imagined.


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