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Lesson 2: Paying Attention To Details.

In this time where everything is on the fast lane; fast food, microwave cooking and, if you are a student like me,you would probably also rush for classes, its very easy to pay little or no attention to details. 
Details are the core or connecting dots in attaining true or in-dept understanding.They are those tiny information that are easily waved off or shoved off. 
Paying attention to details helps us to do things thoroughly and thus get the very best of it. Most people do not like paying attention to details and some unknowingly don't because they claim there's no time or are not ready to 'slow down'. Paying attention requires time and patience. 
The thing is, the things you take quality time to do usually pays off on the long run.Whatever you get the 'true feel' of sticks with you longer. It comes in 2 forms:
REFLECTION - ruminating on your past experiences and making sense out of them for your growth or future life before taking up something new.PARTICIPATION …

Lesson One: Knowing 'your' God

There are 7.4 billion people on earth. Findings say adults make 35,000 decisions daily while babies make 3000 decisions(you didn't know that,did you?). About 3.2 billion fall within the age range of 15-44years of age.

Very few things bring life and excitement or enthusiasm like a new idea you think is so great. It could almost take all your attention and mind.You can almost have an 'action rush' , as you would go all the way out just to get your idea to come into reality. Note that an action rush is different from a 'steady build'. Like any other great thing in life, challenges,especially unprecedented will arise (many of them disrupting your plan!)

I came to realize that nothing beats a person who not just has an idea but knows God. I got to this point in 2015 where I just had to settle to really find my God and grow my faith.
What exactly does it mean to know God?
Knowing God is like enlarging your understanding of God and establishing a personal strong believe i…


Hi hi hi!!!
Its been a while yeah?
Yes I know. But i am excited to be here. I am working on a series of 10 lessons I learnt in 2015.
In a nutshell though,
I learnt to speak from been silent
I learnt to be silent form speaking
I learnt to pay attention from neglecting
I learnt to neglect from paying attention
I learnt to smile beyond the pain
I learnt to go on my knees(pray)
I learnt to trust God
It was really a defining year for me.
Like, every of God's word made so much sense like never before.
Okay,let me stop there...
 I should be releasing them from Wednesday 20th. Never stop praising God regardless of what's going on. Have a grateful heart for whatever little you have.
Remember~ All things work together for good for those that love the Lord and are the called according to His purpose.-Romans 8:28. :)

P.S: I had the opportunity to serve in my church at school,that's how I got to learn certain things. So,get a place of worship to serve God; God's going to grow you i…