World's AIDS Day.

World's AIDS Day.Marked every annually in 1st December.  I got to know about this day through a student Medical Association in my uni called 'EMSA' (European Medical Student Association). Somehow I got really interested in been actively involved this year in my own little way.

(Though this is coming a little late,its been hanging in my dashboard since 31stNov.)

Just a short overview of what its about:
Its that day of the year that had been set out since 1988 to raise an awearness on HIV and show support for people living with  HIV. Usually a theme is chosen for this campaign following consultation with UNAIDS,WHO and other agencies to prevent and treat HIV/AIDS.
Since 2011 the theme for World's AIDS Day has been 'Getting to Zero: Zero new HIV infections. Zero deaths from AIDS-related illnesses. Zero discrimination.

There's  this red ribbon thats used as a default sign of support:

I especially want to write about Zero discrimination. Discrimination is said to be a bias or prejudice resulting  in denial of opportunity,or unfair treatment regarding selection,promotion,or transfer.It is practiced commonly on the grounds of factors which are irrelevant to a person's competence or suitability.

I believe that every life(human) has to respected irrespective of their age,gender or race,including an AIDS patient.

You can make a decision to support someone living with aids if you ever meet them and make it one person less to getting to Zero(in discrimination).

You can change the mind of someone who is involved in discriminating.

To every AIDS patient out there,probably you have been rejected,discriminated in one way or the other,though I can't be there to physically show support and be a part of your love experience in this new journey but accept your present health state and face the future with a mind of writing a beautiful script of your life. I believe it very possible :), it  very possible. Only decide to rise above; I know its easier said than done,but take it one day at a time.

 'Getting to Zero: Zero new HIV infections. Zero deaths from AIDS-related illnesses. Zero discrimination.


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