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Feminism -Some say its to be FLAWLESS.
Personal is Politics-this is a term associated with feminism.
I find it really interesting.  :)

I had the privilege of giving a talk on feminism in my church at school. :) Yeah! Its a topic I had not paid so much attention to but found it really interesting as I prepared for the talk. I thought I should share what I got to understand.

I especially want to share things based on God's word or  rather how things should really be!

My definition of feminism from the several ones I read is basically: A movement that pushes the idea of equality among male and female on economic,political,social and cultural rights/basis.

A feminist advocates or supports the right and equality of women with men. They contend for women's right.

The whole movement on feminism arose basically because women had less rights compared to men in the society.

I realized there have been many waves of  feminism based on the different rights that was been fought for like:female education,better working condition,wives been allowed to work,ending discrimination,global issues like rape,incest,prostitution and cultural specific issues like female mutilation in some parts of Africa and middle east.

So,certain people,especially women had to stand up to fight for this.At that,feminism is not only about females, though the origin was due to females having less rights...Like men not always having to pay the restaurant bills (hehe!!)

Talking about our day to day life:

  • Wage Gap: this is mainly in the working sector-males having more pay than females under the same work conditions.
  • Rape Culture:where the guy can rape the girl but the girl better take caution not to be rapped. (Please,who does that?)
  • Taking a pause here,I want to  refer to this guy I like so much in the bible: Boaz. in Ruth.3:9-11- Boaz refused to have an intercourse with Ruth until,he redeemed her based on responsibility and culture.
  • Clothing:Ladies are taught to wear modest clothes so guys will not have 'impure thoughts'. Yet guys are not taught to know who they are in God well enough not to have sexual ties with ladies before marriage.
  • Virginity:'This is a lady's gift to her husband'. The stigma of  loosing your virginity is placed so much on ladies like guys are the only ones entitled to GRACE & MERCY.

Do you know Jesus was a 'FEMINIST'? : Jn 8:1-11(The woman caught in the act of adultery)

There was a term I came across that really stood out for me:

PERSONAL IS POLITICS= I can decide to do what I want to do with my BODY and there's nothing you can do about it. That's my POLITICS. 

Well,for this,I beg to differ,because,you can't expose all that should be kept under beautiful clothes and tell me you are being feminist! No!! That's just an insult on ladies;please! (I sound very angry right?)




FEMINISM is not FEMALES in control/overruling guys.
FEMINISM is not FEMALES been RUDE to guys.
FEMINISM  is not FEMALES just WEARING whatever they want (showing off your 'treasures')
FEMINISM is not BIGOTRY(stubborn and complete intolerance of any creed,belief or opinion that differs from ones own).

(oh yeah! :)).

First let me define two terms:
SUBMISSION- an act/fact of submitting to the power of another.
RESTRICTIONS-to limit,exclude to certain groups,to exclude members of a particular group or class.

To The Guys- There is this bible verse I would like to use

1Cor.14:34- the women should remain silent in the churches. They are allowed to speak,but must be in submission as Law says.

There is a difference between SUBMISSION  and RESTRICTION.

The fullness of a man comes from the helper who is free to be herself (all that God has called her to be). This is the reason a guy should not get intimidated but rather challenged by the weight of 'who' a lady may be.

Gala.3:28-There is neither Jew nor Gentile,neither slave nor free,nor is there male and female for you are all one in Christ Jesus.

There is no such word as Feminism in Christ Jesus.


To Miss Independence: You should stay in your lane and respect yourself and others. Ladies that snob/get rude- that's not love,that's not confidence that's insecurity!


God's love! God's love should be the center/source of our confidence/poise. Our heavenly Father's love should be the source of our confidence. You shouldn't care if the society says yes or no to a thing. You should first of all care about who God sees you as(LOVE EXPERIENCE).This who we are in Him and all that he has placed in your inside. This makes you begin to live the life He has called you to live with all confidence.

The difference between you dear and someone who is proud is that God's love guides you. To function with confidence and humility but not pride comes from an understanding of your source(God/Love). Anytime they may want to fall(get proud),the Spirit of God be like 'no son/daughter,I get the glory.' Praise Jesus.

So I don't have to be a politician or poet or pastor or whatever..I just need to know who God has called me to be and just be! Not invading anyone's space but walking in your lane. 

Not trying to 'prove any point'.

Talking about Spiritual gender- I can say guys are spiritual females????😃 lol. But yeah,we are the bridegroom of Christ. Hehe!! So in the household of faith,there's neither male nor female. There's only humans and God.

Let's talk about that song- 'Who runs d world?' Sure you've heard it somehow! It ain't girls! It's God. All the silver and gold belongs to him. All the treasures of the earth belongs to him. All the money,all the fame,all the glory,all the pleasure is from him,EVERY SINGLE THING is from Him. You know what? Everyone runs the world with God! You don't got God,you got nothing. Ladies without God run the world with some crack. Ladies without God get pleasure from other things Gods love that brings utmost satisfaction. So you wanna know who runs the world? GoDGoD!!  Where flawless is perfection,only the cross can make you flawless!

Can we just ...make it a better place,for the entire human race? Can we stop tearing each other down and know that we are equal in Christ? Our confidence comes from Christ and we've got to live the life God has called us to live.
The truth is when God is the anchor that holds,suicide will vanish,depression may come but the anchor that holds will hold you till you are out of it.(discussion for another day!)


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