The Treasure You Do Not See

Ever been to a restaurant that's entirely new? 
Well, with a familiar person, you would not feel embarrassed to be “local”~you know what I mean?

I met a friend yesterday evening who offered to take me out :). 
We went to this restaurant called ‘Da vinchi’ somewhere in the center of my city (Lviv,Ukraine). 
 Can you see that light brown 'stick-like' things hanging on that plate?
 It was a biscuit stick but neither myself or my friend knew it was. My friend actually took it out of her plate and placed it on a piece of tissue on the table.
I got curious at some point and tried breaking it. I just tried ooo ...hahaha!! Low and behold it was a biscuit rolled into stick. can guess what came next....we laughed like we were the only ones in the restaurant. 
That was how i got this topic for this piece...The treasure you do not see...#discovering the biscuit.
I believe there are so many treasures around us that we do not take note of or do not see. 
Talking about PEOPLE!
God has placed so much treasure in people. Every one has got something on the inside. You have something beautiful on the inside.

People might have made you feel unimportant or irrelevant, but hey, that's the same way my friend and I did to that biscuit. You had to see how my friend gave so much attention to that biscuit when she started eating it. She liked it so don't want to know!
 So,(you want to see the smile on my face right now just for you) take this, you are important. I would say:
1) Take time out, exclude the distractions ,take a brake from those who don't think you are good enough, or who you think they think you are not good enough(sometimes, its not people thinking things, we are the ones you know?), a break from everything that has drained you. Spend some good time with yourself. Begin to list out the beautiful  [positive things about yourself. Spend gOOOOOOOOOOd time with yourself and you'll realize how much of treasure you carry on the inside. You know nothing changed the biscuits' consistency or substance or content.
So, nothing can make you less important.
2) Don't forget the 'God factor'. He gives you a clearer and beautiful picture of all the treasures you've got on the inside.

There's so much of treasure in you. :)

.... David in the Bible, even his dad thought he was shit! But you know the end of the story...


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