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It was one of those days in September (2015). I had this outfit on to class. I sure did feel good and confident in it :) .
I'm getting to class and couple of my group mate are amazed! (that expression between shock and cool). Yeah!

I've never really dressed in that kind of style before.....
As I walked down the street,I actually did think about people been surprised at my outfit for the day. But then,I thought,this may not be my conventional style but someone will see me and get very comfortable been his/herself. Why?- someone else can resonate with their style.That alone gave me some more confidence with every step I took.

Every other person is classy and elegant but you are bohemian 
Every other person is corporate but you are casual
Everyone seems to have it all figured out but you are lost.
Everyone seems to be short but you are tall
Everyone seems to be doing life big but you can't still place what God would have you do
Everyone this,…


I'm so excited to share this with you. Today I did something different(13/10/15). I decided to go public with my faith. Sounds weird right?
 Not something someone may just decide to do-going out public! Actually this project was laid in my heart exactly one month less four days ago
 but for one reason or the other I could not get the message printed out. 

I remember my father making this statement while I  was way younger-’ 
Christianity is an individualistic race.’ Never really did make much sense to me until I thought for a moment,
what happens if I don’t have anyone to monitor my growth? 
What happens if I am not accountable to anyone?
 Would I still do what my heavenly Father requires of me?

Sometimes,we could get so carried away with knowing about
 something that we don’t apply what we know(generally). 
When it comes to our christian faith,we’ve got to be careful enough -to DO! - not just -KNOW!-
And then as a youth,I know this is one thing so many never want to do :). Yeah! I know! So m…


We need GRACE. 
Everyone needs GRACE.  GRACE sees beyond who you are at any point in time GRACE shines light in your path GRACE gives you a bigger picture of who you are GRACE forgives GRACE gives compassion  GRACE accepts you just as you are GRACE puts a smile on your FACE  GRACE gives you a strength for your RACE GRACE is a fuel to MOVE GRACE presents as gentle as a DOVE GRACE gives you a reason to STAND Even when things are HARD GRACE BELIEVES GRACE RELIEVES GRACE DOES! LOVE DOES!

I dear you to forgive that person who hurt you I dear you to say a nice word to someone I dear you to put a smile on someone’s face I dear you to give GRACE.

I know the giver of GRACE
I know the source of GRACE
Its Jesus!! 
You got him? Make him famous!
You've not got him? Just ask him to come into your heart baby!
He' been waiting for you!

Jn.12:47-And if any man hear my words, and believe not, I judge him not: for I came not to judge the world, but to save the world.(KJV)

The Treasure You Do Not See

Ever been to a restaurant that's entirely new? 
Well, with a familiar person, you would not feel embarrassed to be “local”~you know what I mean?
I met a friend yesterday evening who offered to take me out :).  We went to this restaurant called ‘Da vinchi’ somewhere in the center of my city (Lviv,Ukraine). 
 Can you see that light brown 'stick-like' things hanging on that plate?
 It was a biscuit stick but neither myself or my friend knew it was. My friend actually took it out of her plate and placed it on a piece of tissue on the table.
I got curious at some point and tried breaking it. I just tried ooo ...hahaha!! Low and behold it was a biscuit rolled into stick. can guess what came next....we laughed like we were the only ones in the restaurant.  That was how i got this topic for this piece...The treasure you do not see...#discovering the biscuit. I believe there are so many treasures around us that we do not take note of or do not see.  Talking about PEOPLE! God has…